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Welcome back to #fridayintroductions! This week's guest is Claudia Deen of The Trendy Smoothie!

Claudia and I met in Savannah at an event last summer, and have been friends ever since. The Trendy Smoothie blog is a space for all things health and eco-living, with a primary focus on yummy eats, like smoothie bowls!! Her blog is definitely an online space you should check out. Claudia is also part of the Savannah Influencers and recently spoke at out January meeting. She got our whole group on the right healthy eating track for the 2017 year.

Recently Claudia visited me in Charleston, where we explored some smoothie spots, eco-shopping spaces and a kick boxing class that nearly made me throw up...3x (I will admit though that I felt great afterward!)

So without further ado - please welcome Claudia!


Hey guys! I'm Claudia, the creator of The Trendy Smoothie. I am originally from Venezuela but I moved to the U.S. in 2010 to get my masters degree and pursue a career in advertising. Living alone for the first time in a foreign country took a toll on my body. I began to binge on unhealthy food that were never available to me while growing up. As a result, I gained weight, my skin started to break out and I was definitely not happy with the way I looked, but more importantly, the way I felt.

In the summer of 2013 I got married, left my advertising career in Chicago and moved to Savannah, GA. I realized that I was the only one who could break my bad habits, so I did. I went back to my roots and started eating the healthy foods I had grown up with. I cut back on the alcohol and sugar and started making wiser decisions when going out. I even became a Certified Health Coach and a Spin Instructor!

Even though my eating habits were not the best for a period of time in my life, I've always been passionate about endurance sports. I enjoy long distance running and triathlons. I've completed 11 marathons, 15 half marathons and a couple of Ironman 70.3. One of my lifetime goals is to run marathon in each state!

In early 2016 I became a vegetarian for ethical reasons. I've been transitioning to a vegan plan-based diet, but I can't deny that it has been a challenge for me. Going vegan and consuming processed foods is not as hard as you may thing but going completely plan-based requires a lot of determination and self-discipline! Or at least at the beginning.

This lifestyle change was what led me to start The Trendy Smoothie, a space where I aim to inspire and motivate others through glimpses of my life, delicious plant-based recipes, natural beauty, travel, lifestyle and training tips.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your weekend!



Claudia and I have worked on many brand shoots together, ranging from fashion, to lifestyle, to interiors. If you're looking to add professional photography to your brand's visuals - I'd love to work with you!

You can find Claudia at and on Instagram @thetrendysmoothie


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