Hello everyone and welcome back to biz Mondays with Andrea. I'm so happy to have you here again and can't wait to share this week's biz tip with you.

As a professional photographer, I see first hand the impact professional images have on my client's businesses. In today's world, you can bet that every client coming your way has first researched you. They do so by accessing your Website, Social Media Platforms, etc. Often, their first experience with your business, are your visuals. Whether you're selling a product or service, your potential client needs to feel connected to you. This connection is first established through the initial experience they have with your images and your messaging. These two things help to convert people from observers to clients.

With that being said, no more than ever, you MUST have professional photos if you want to be taken seriously. Gone are the days that an out of focus, dark grainy photo will suffice. Sure, you may be someone who provides a great service or sells a great product, but - if you don't show people you are investing in your own business, why would they invest in you?

{You might want to read that last line again - it's pretty significant}

At Andrea Kinnear Photography + Design, LLC - I have created Commercial Packages that meet the needs of the small boutique business, as well as the medium to large sized business. Commercial Photography can be purchased in one hour, half day and full day blocks and some of the packages include extras such as; vendor galleries, design meetings and more! Click HERE to request our Commercial Pricing Package.

Want to know if you should consider professional photography for your business? Use the checklist below!

Thinking you definitely need to update your visuals - I'd love to talk to you! You can book a 15 minute complimentary consultation by clicking HERE

Thanks again for stopping by - looking forward to connecting with you again next week!



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