It's that time of the week again... BIZ Mondays! This week's biz post had a last minute shift, as many of my SUCCESSFUL SUNDAYS with ANDREA KINNEAR Facebook group members were super interested in some info on blogging and social media image sizes. So, because of that - I decided to dedicate this week's business blog to just that - social media image sizing, blog post image sizing and a special discount code!!

To make things as easy as possible, I created The Quick Guide to Social Media Image Sizes for all of you. My advice -> save this image, pin it or download it and print off a copy for your office. With all the different social media sizes, it's hard to keep track of what works for Facebook vs. Pinterest vs. Instagram. But because my goal is to make your life easier - you will now have it all in one shot! Here you go:

Now, as I mentioned in my SUCCESSFUL SUNDAYS FACEBOOK GROUP, efficiency is super important to me, and should be to you too. As such, templates are a MUST! I create some of my templates using Ps, Ai, and Id, but I also turn to other professionals to buy products- which make my life easier. One of those companies is STATION SEVEN. Station Seven offers Blog Packs, Social Packs, Wordpress Themes, Squarespace Kits and more! I purchased a Blog Pack a little while ago when I knew I wanted to go full force with my blogging. They have been a huge time saver and at the price point, you can't beat the value! Guess what?!? I've teamed up with Station Seven to bring you a discount code... YAY!

Enjoy- and start making your business a little more efficient, and your life a little easier!


*The opinions expressed are that of my own.

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